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Sports v. Theater

AMERICA: Hey Lizz, we were all going to go do something-- We were thinking either sports or theater. Thoughts? 
LIZZ: Theater. Theater all the way. 
AMERICA: Uh, ok, that was a pretty snap decision. Do you maybe want to think about it? 
LIZZ: Oh, I thought about it. And here’s the thing,

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Is This Hell?

FACEBOOK FEED: Sports! Politics! Sports! More Politics! More fucking sports!
LIZZ: What... is happening? 
FACEBOOK FEED: Trump! Baseball! More Trump! 
LIZZ: Oh God...
LIZZ: Am I... is this hell? 

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The Law of the City

This is the law of the city,
As tight as the sea and the sand.
Be wary of holding steadfast to a path,
While you're lost in the palm of your hand.
Where kindness is often in silence,
And violence will turn on its own,
And if you stay sharp and unyielding,
You can live here with many, alone.

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Lizz Leiser
The Woman Card

LIZZ LEISER (Caucasian, female, early 30s) and DAMIAN MARTINEZ (bi-racial Puerto Rican/Caucasian, male, mid 40s) finish a meal at a fancy restaurant, a WAITER (any ethnicity, male, ageless) approaches and instinctively hands Damian the check

LIZZ: No, no. I'll get it. Just put it on my.... 
(produces sparkly pink credit card with a distinctive umami scent) WomanCard(R)....
(leans low to expose rockin' boob cleavage)
WAITER: Of course.
(Waiter exits.)
LIZZ: Anyway, so I was like, sure you can pay me the lowest possible salary but what about maternity--
WAITER: Terribly sorry Madame, but it seems that your card was declined. 

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Ten Tubes Snakes

(LIZZ walks into store, approaches SALESPERSON)
LIZZ: Hello, can you please direct me to your black drapey sweaters? 
SALESPERSON: Of course! Are you interested in our "The Media Has Convinced Me That My Body is a Horrorshow and I Must Cover Up Because I am So Ashamed" collection or do you prefer the "If I Wear This I Will Be Invisible Even Though My Voice is Super Loud" line?

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