Writer. Person who makes things.



Commissioned Work 

Featured illustrations from professional commissions. 


One month of drawings based on a series of prompts

The Magical Creatures Series

An illustration series inspired by entries from the Encyclopedia of Magical Creatures

Hybrid Animal Series

Illustrations of hybrid animals as sold on Etsy for hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Crest Series

Illustrations of custom crests as drawn for newly wed couples or debuting entities. 

Yearly Art Project: The Composite Birthday Card

Every year I ask about a hundred of my closest friends one question. Based on their answers I illustrate a composite birthday card that includes a custom illustration for everyone in one integrated drawing. I send everyone a print of the composite drawing card in the actual mail in celebration of their birth.

Yearly Art Project: Valentine's Day Card

Illustrations and short graphic stories that I, a grown adult, print and distribute on Valentine's Day. 

Yearly Art Project: Christmas Cards

Illustrations of Christmas cards drawn over the years allowing me to fullfill my seasonal social obligations remotely instead of attending your Christmas party in person. 

Yearly Art Project: the Advent Calendar

Every year I send out a fully illustrated hand made Advent Calendar to a select group of friends and loved ones. This artistic endeavor has served not only as a way to nurture lasting relationships, but also as a way to completely cheap out on buying any actual gifts during the holiday season. These are the Lizz Leiser Anthropology deep cuts, an artistic archive showcasing not only the evolution of my illustration skills, but also my evolution as a human being where I achieve enough self awareness not to put drawings of dicks into what is essentially a gift traditionally given to children.